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Email Mania: How to Break the Cycle
by: Anne-Marie Hogan, CPA


Emails can be a determent to a planned productive day.  Getting trapped by the notification that a new email is in your inbox, telling yourself that answering this one email will not take much time.  Before you realize two hours have passed and a major portion of the day is lost.

Or, the inbox is so full of unread emails that you more than likely will not read. A prior colleague had 1548 unread emails in her inbox and after she left the company. The email box was given to me to review and determine if there were any important emails.  Unfortunately, there was a grant email that needed immediate attention two months prior.  Because she didn’t respond to the email the organization lost a $10,000 grant reimbursement.

These seven tips are ways to manage and tame email inbox.

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