Treasury Functions
  • Negotiated banking relationships for operating accounts for two parishes and three schools for the Archdiocese of Louisville.  These banking relationships also included loan funding for $6M construction of a new church in Southwest Louisville.

  • Managed the necessary draws on construction lines of credit for Archdiocese of Louisville for the $6M church construction project.

  • Worked with internal and external financial aid award boards to provide financial aid to families determined by financial need.

  • Monitored and maintained compliance to endowment funds to include endowed funds for tuition financial aid and scholarships, cemetery maintenance, and school longevity fund.

  • Developed and led a financial aid workshop yearly for parishes and schools in Southwest Louisville to source Archdiocese financial aid, private financial aid and government assistance to help provide families with the opportunity to attend Catholic high school and grade schools.

  • Managed the accounting, reconciliation and reporting for Spalding University endowment to include report of investment income and loss.

  • Monitored and account for Spalding University charitable trust.

  • Managed capital loans and line of credit loans to ensure compliance with the Board of Trustee guidelines.

  • Prepared monthly bank reconciliation including restricted fund accounts, endowments and USDA regulated cafeteria funds.

  • Managed and audited temporarily restricted and permanently restricted funds to ensure expenditures were in compliance. Reported on monthly, quarterly and/or yearly basis the restricted funds to internal and external parties.

Cash Flow Forecast
  • Developed short term forecast model for operating cash.

  • Managed the cash flow for a biotech startup to include federal grant funding from the NIH, state funding from the KSTC, and private funding from Novartis.

  • Organized the development of indicators and criteria for the monitoring and evaluation of company revenue and expenses on a daily basis and long term for strategic cash flow planning.

  • Supervised the processing of accounts payable, tuition collection, tithing revenue and capital campaigns for the cash management of three schools and two parishes for the Archdiocese of Louisville.

  • Developed cash forecast models for the Archdiocese to manage short term and long term to provide indicators to school boards and parish boards for needed fundraising and/or tuition adjustments.

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